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Chalk Murder To Me

Sep 1, 2019

CLEVELAND -- Samuel Little, perhaps the most prolific killer in American History, has been linked to at least 60 murders and Rick Bell, Investigations Division Chief in the Office of the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, believes he is involved with 30 more.

Little, 79, has claimed to have killed people between 1970 and 2005 in 14 states from California to Florida, according to CNN. 

He is currently on trial in Cuyahoga County for the murders of at least women in Cleveland.

Little is charged with four counts of aggravated murder and six counts of kidnapping in the deaths of a 21-year-old Mary Jo Peyton in 1984 and Rose Evans, 32, in 1991, Bell said. He added there may be a third victim if they can prove the murder happened in their jurisdiction.

Bell joined Adam Fox and Noah Jones on the true crime podcast, Chalk Murder to Me to talk about his interview with the notorious killer, held in a California State Prison.